1955- : Rejected by the US Afghanistan develops ties with Moscow which the US later undermines.

1978- : PDP come to power in coup. The regime is generally popular and beneficial, but is opposed in a guerilla war.

1979: The Afghan government seeks help from the Soviets to fight Moujahedeen, whom the US start to support some months prior to Soviet troops arriving.

1988: The Soviets begin their withdrawal. The US backed guerillas continue to fight the Afghan forces.

1993-1994: US backed rebels take over, but Pakistan now fosters the Taliban, who start to defeat the Mujahedeen.

1998: The Taliban now largely control Afghanistan, but are opposed by the Northern Alliance.

2001 onwards: After the 9/11 attacks in New York the US and UK attack Afghanistan. Civilian deaths quickly outstrip those of 9/11. The Taliban are replaced largely with Northern Alliance leaders. For most Afghans life is worse than ever. The Taliban soon start to strike back.