1820-1900s: Treaties with Britain are followed by colonial rule.

1935: Main British naval base in the region moved to Bahrain.

1949: Three US warships headquartered in Bahrain.

1966: Scot Ian Henderson takes charge of brutal security forces.

Britain puts down demonstrations.

1971: Independence and a treaty of friendship with Britain.

U.S. rents military facilities.

1973: U.S. gains increased military facilities after the Arab-Israeli war.

1975: Emir starts to rule by decree. Major repression follows.

1987-1988: U.S. increases military facilities during the "tanker war".

1991: Bahrain in the Gulf War.

1995: The U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet is established in Bahrain.

1996 onwards: Britain and U.S. continue to back Bahrain's brutal rule.

2000: In U.K. an investigation has begins into Henderson.