1815: UK gets Chagos Islands.

1965: UK begins to depopulate the islands.

1966: UK secretly leases Diego Garcia to US.

1971: The US Navy begins construction of the military base.

1973: Last of islanders removed.

1976: First court action begun against the UK government.

1991 onwards: US uses Diego Garcia base in actions against Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.

1999: Islanders granted permission to fight for the right to return.

2000: Islanders win partial right to return. The UK and US stall.

2003: Chagossians denied right to return to Diego Garcia.

2004: "orders in council" used to ban the islanders' return.

Right to appeal 2003 ruling denied.

2006: 2004 orders in council overturned.

2007: Diego Garcia prison.

2008: Right to return denied.