1941: Britain and Soviets invade.

1950: UK profiting from oil.

1951: Mossadegh elected. Oil nationalised. UK plans coup.

1952: UK asks US to help coup.

1953: UK & US coup brings in brutal dictatorship of Shah.

1954: US & UK share oil rights.

1972: US helps arm Kurds in Iraq.

1973: US has Iran aid Afghanistan.

1975: US and Shah betray Kurds.

1979: Revolution overthrows Shah. US encourages Iraq to attack Iran.

1980-1988: Iraq attacks Iran. US and others ruthlessy feed brutal war. Iraq uses chemical weapons. US & UK arm both sides. US navy acts against Iran and kills civilians.

1993 onwards: US accuses Iran of supporting terrorism, seeking nuclear arms etc., all without proof and often contrary to evidence.

2005: US & UK fomenting strife?

2006-2007: US & UK warships in Gulf. US supporting rebels in Iran.