1921-1922: UK creates Kuwait.

1932: Nominal independence.

1958-1963: Revolution. US trys to remove new leader.

1963: Bloody CIA aided coup.

1968: CIA helps Ba'ath party to take power.

1972-1979: US works against Iraq and betrays Kurds.

1979: Hussein comes to power.

1980-1988: At prompting of US, Iraq attacks Iran. US and others ruthlessy feed brutal war. US & UK arm both sides.

1988: Iran & Iraq agree cease fire.

1988-1990: Kuwaiti actions lead to invasion by Iraq. US blocks a diplomatic resolution.

1991-2002: US & UK attack. US betrays Iraqis & Kurds. US & UK follow war crimes with genocidal sanctions.

2003 onwards: New US & UK war and occupation is brutal, resistance is everywhere. Hussein is captured and executed. Vast numbers die or flee. Western companies get rich.