1881: Mass immigration of Jews to the Holy Land.

1896-1897: Zionism begins.

1916-1947: UK rule of Palestine.

1947: UN votes to partition Palestine, against Arab wishes.

1948: State of Israel, is proclaimed. Arab nations fight Israel.

1949-1950: Israel defeats Arab armies and seizes land. Receives US aid.

1956-1957: Suez canal debacle.

1967: The Six-Day War. Israel illegally seizes land. US becomes Israel's primary supporter.

1973: Yom Kippur War, Egypt and Syria try to retake stolen territory.

1977-1979: Peace process between Israel and Egypt ending in Camp David Agreement. Israel only partialy complies.

1982: Israel invades Lebanon with US backing.

1986: Israel's nuclear weapons program is exposed.

2000 on: US & UK support Israel's increasingly violent actions.

2003: Israel starts division wall.

2006: Hamas wins Palestian elections. Israel attacks Gaza and invades Lebanon, US & UK support Israel.

2007: Hamas government confined to Gaza strip.

2008-2009: Major assault on Gaza Strip.

2010: Israel attacks aid vessels.