1921: UK creates Transjordan.

1948-1949: "Sovereignty." Fighting Israel. Renamed Jordan.

1950: US military assistance.

1955: People block Baghdad Pact.

1956-1957: Distancing from UK.

1958: UK military intervention.

1965-1971: Tension with fedayeen.

1967: Six Day War. Territory lost.

1970-1971: Fedayeen driven out with US and Israeli help.

1973: Helping in war with Israel.

1974-1975: PLO tension.

1978: Camp David Accords.

1979: Arms from West.

1980s: Alliance with Iraq.

1986: Split with PLO.

1988: Backing the intifada.

1994: Peace treaty with Israel.

1996: IMF causes hardship.

2000: Torturing for the US.