1941-1943: Defeat of Vichy. Independence.

1946: French troops leave.

1952-1958: CIA interferes in government and sends forces.

1967-1973: Israel and Palestinians in Lebanon fight.

1975-1990: Civil war. Syria intervenes.

1978: Israel invades southern Lebanon. UN intervenes.

1982-1983: Israel invades with US backing. Civilians killed. Israel withdraws, internal strife resumes.

1984: Western forces withdraw.

1985: US, UK kill civilians. Factional fighting, guerilla and Israeli raids.

1987: Syria intervenes.

1993: Israel attempts to destroy Hezbollah. Many civilians killed.

1996: Israel attacks, killing many. Truce policed by ILMG.

2000: Israel withdraws.

2005: Syria withdraws.

2006: Israel attacks, US blocks peace. UN troops deployed.