1932: Saudi Arabia formed.

1938: Oil discovered. US control it.

1956-1957: France & UK not favoured, US is.

1973: West boycotted.

1974: US guaranteed oil & Saudi dependence. US & UK train SANG.

1980s: Funding US interventions. US military bases.

1980: Control of oil production.

1985: First UK Al Yamamah deal.

1987: Egypt relations resumed.

1988: UK Al Yamamah deal.

1990: Supporting US against Iraq.

1993: Paying US for Gulf War.

1996: UK & SANG. US base bomb.

2000: Abuse of foreign workers.

2001: US protects bin Ladens and others after 9/11. UK supports.

2002: No support for war on Iraq.

2003: US to withdraw troops.

2004: UK investigates arms deals.