1946: Last French troops leave.

1948: Syria fights Israel.

1949-1954: US, UK & French back military coup. Three coups follow.

1956-1958: US & UK backed coup attempts and propaganda. Syria arms Lebanese rebels.

1961-1966: Two coups. US & UK plan to subvert. Two more coups.

1967: Israel attacks in Six Day War.

1970: Fedayeen in Jordan backed.

1971-1973: Assad president. US backs Israel against Syria & Egypt.

1976-: Syria backs Lebanese government against Fedayeen. Assad regime attacked.

1981-1985: Muslim Brotherhood conflicts. Israel annexes Golan Heights & invades Lebanon. Arafat expelled. Israel shoots Syrian jets.

2000-2005: Assad succeeded by son. Troops leave Beirut. UK sells TCPs to Syria. Israeli air strike. US sanctions. Troops leave Lebanon.

2006-2008: US funds opposition & blocks peace talks. Israel bombs. US imposes more sanctions.