1839: British seize Aden.

1954: BP refinery at Little Aden.

1956: SAS sent to Aden.

1962: North: UK supports royalists.

1963: Aden: struggle against British.

1964-1967: Aden: Britain brutally fights liberation.

1967: Aden becomes South Yemen.

1970: North: British backed rebels sign a peace treaty.

1971: South: crackdown on dissidents.

1972 & 1979: Clashes between North and South.

1986: South: political violence.

1990: North and South unite. Yemen opposes US-led war in Iraq.

1994: Internal conflict.

1995: Clash with Eritrea.

2000: Attacks on US vessel and UK embassy.

2001: Relations with US.

2005: Revolt in north.