1918: Yugoslavia is formed.

1945: Axis defeated. Tito rules.

1949-1951: West aids Tito.

1950s: Growth & independence.

1960s: Inflation, deficits, foreign investment, North-South tensions.

1970s: Unrest in republics.

1980: Tito dies. Tensions rise.

1980s: IMF exacerbates problems.

1989-1995: Milosevic halts IMF reforms. West encourages violent dissolution; casts Serbs as villains; backs war against them; spurns diplomacy; NATO enforces US deal.

1996-1999: West uses KLA to draw Serbia into conflict in Kosovo. NATO bombs Serbia. False Serb atrocity reports. Peace on NATO's terms.

1999-2000: The West ensures Milosevic is not re-elected. NATO hands Kosovo's industries to foreign firms. US & UK also intefere in Montenegro's politics.

2001: Milosevic handed to UN for sham trial. UN lifts arms embargo.

2003: Serbia & Montenegro formed.